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      Valley View Elementary 2018 Blue Ribbon School     

AR Accelerated Reader Pts

 Accelerated Reader Program
   Valley View Elementary students participate in the Accelerated Reading Program.
 Students are encouraged to read, read, read... and to test on books they have read. 
Every Six Weeks, students earn one Reading Grade from the points they earn for that six weeks. 
 The Chart below indicates the number of points students are expected to earn.   
 Students must accumulate the following points every six weeks.
Grade Level
Points Needed every six weeks
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Please note:  
The End of Year AR Field trip is for students 
who earn membership into the GOLD READING CLUB at their grade level.  
If a student is interested in attending that field trip, 
they will have to read more than the points required above.   
Please see the AR POINT GOAL SCHEDULE attachment for chart.  
This chart indicates the approximate number of points 
a student should be earning per six weeks to hit GOLD READING CLUB STATUS.