National Ag DAY

MARCH 21, 2023 is National Ag Day!! 

National Agriculture Day is celebrated on March 21 this year, during Agriculture Week. 

Everything we eat, use, or wear every day is provided by agriculture.  The contribution of agriculture to our lives is massive, relavent, and imperative:  It's the FOOD, the FIBER, and the FUEL we use every single day.

National Ag Day was founded by the Agriculture Council of America in 1973. The first National Ag Day was celebrated by the ACA in 1979. Since then the ACA has put efforts into creating awareness about the role of agriculture in modern society. So even if we are not involved in agriculture, we should learn about how our food and fiber are produced, as well as how agriculture provides us with safe, abundant, and useful products. Another important thing that agriculture provides us with is employment opportunities. Therefore, we should also acknowledge the career opportunities in the field of agriculture from food scientists,  agriclutural economists, and agriculure legislative assistants to grain marketing specialists,  agricultural engineer, and weed scientists.  

Careers in agriculture, an industry that is no longer just farming, offer a technological and high-growth field of opportunity.